All The Same – Caravan Sarai!

If the great vizier Nodir Devon Begi got into modern Bukhara, he would satisfactorily nod, having come to medrese named after him, which is located in Lyab-i Hauz.

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Uzbekistan, Tashkent | History of Tashkent

When you go on a journey to Central Asia, you must surely visit Tashkent Uzbekistan. This city has an ancient history with numerous interesting stories, which creates a special atmosphere for everyone visiting the country.

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Ceramics of Gijduvan

There are many tales and legends about Central Asian ceramics: the magic bowl (piala, cup) of Bukhara Sultan, the bowl steal the heart of the harsh ruler or beautiful dishes (lyagans), their patterns seem alive.

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Bolo-Khaus Complex, Bukhara

Not far from Ark there is a complex of richly decorated mosque, small minaret and basin called Bolo-Khaus Complex. The mosque was built 300 years ago by wife of a wealthy Emir.

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There are 72 species of river & lake fish on the territory of the Republic – salmon, whitefish, carp, sturgeon, vulnavia, catfish, perches, snake & other rogachkova, golovachova, and flatfish.

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For those who are not arranged to independently get their food, armed with spinning rods and marsh boots in the vast expanses of Uzbekistan, we advise going fishing in Chimgan

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