"The Embassy of Beauty" Medical & SPA Tashkent has been "turning beauty into art" for 18 years – this is exactly their motto. Beautiful and proud, isn't it? No less worthy is the mission – to find for each visitor, regardless of his gender and age, a unique frame of his individual beauty and to show it as vividly as possible, outside the world of glossy standards.

The owner, founder, and driving force of the Embassy of Beauty is Zukhra Abdullayeva – an innovator in the field of Uzbekistan aesthetic cosmetology. Many years of practical experience resulted from the creation of our own cosmetic brand ZAN, registered in Europe. Most of the procedures are performed using this very lovingly developed cosmetic line.

One more proud of the "Embassy of Beauty" SPA is the high level of its professional specialists and doctors. They are not only never stop their training with world-class beauty experts. They are also taught by themselves and being the speakers of international congresses, and often became the laureates of the industry competitions.

List of Spa services in the "Embassy of Beauty"


Rosotherapy is an aesthetic procedure designed exclusively for women, performed on the whole body and face using 100% pure rose essential oil, warm rose quartz stone, and Vietnamese massage technique Dien Chan. After the therapy, you will feel the effect of skin rejuvenation, it's lightening due to a natural increase in the level of estrogen.

Chocolate therapy in the" Embassy of Beauty " Tashkent is presented in several options:

1 Scrubbing "Chocolate freshness" gives the effect of deep cleansing of the upper layers of the skin, ensuring smoothness. Then moisturizing and toning is achieved through a cool shower and the application of fragrant chocolate milk

2 Chocolate wrap "Tonus" - the next complex procedure after scrubbing, with the use of a healing serum and a plasticizing mask on problem areas, ending with an oil-chocolate wrap, tones and moisturizes the skin

3 Relaxing massage "Chocolate truffle" is made based on hot cocoa butter enriched with mineral salts, affecting the microcirculation of tissues, giving the skin a velvety effect. Massage and oil allow you to achieve relaxation and relieve fatigue.

4 Anti-cellulite massage and wrapping "Energy of chocolate" - an intensive program against cellulite reverses the processes of skin aging, increases blood circulation, breaking down fat deposits, and removing toxins. The result is the desired elasticity of the body.

5 Wrap "Chocolate Fondue" - the appetizing name reflects the content. The foaming composition moisturizes the skin, improves its nutrition and metabolism due to the active components of chocolate and vegetable proteins of exotic plants, gives a visible lifting effect.

Wine therapy is presented for your satisfaction in two variants of SPA-care:

Red wine-based wrap as part of the Merlot cream mask with anti-stress and anti-cellulite effect. In the process, scrubbing with grape microparticles is performed and supplemented with massage, which increases the lymph flow of tissues and nourishes the skin.

The white wine-based wrap is part of the "Chardonnay" cream mask that tones the skin and gives an anti-cellulite effect. The SPA ritual is complemented by deep scrubbing and intensive massage.


Massage "Classic mix" - for getting rid of ailments and improving the skin effect has used the techniques of classical and Thai, Indian, and reflexive, acupuncture massage. The aroma oils used in the process have a beneficial effect on the protective functions of the immune system. Intensive mechanical action restores elasticity to the skin and gives a feeling of lightness to the body.

Regenerating anti-cellulite massage - the use of this technique restores microcirculation, which serves as a prevention of stretch marks and promotes weight loss. It is suitable for postpartum rehabilitation. The best effect is achieved with a complex effect using hardware methods.

Relaxing anti-stress massage is perhaps the most pleasant way to treat chronic fatigue syndrome with the use of aroma oils of bergamot, citrus, lavender, and oregano. Having relieved nervous and muscular tension, you will feel refreshed, filled with vitality and energy.

Reflex foot massage - the technique of influencing special points from Thai masters is used, which has a complex beneficial effect on the entire body, with the use of herbal oils.


The program "The magnificent body of Perfectbody" - preliminary skin cleansing is performed through a soft peeling scrub consisting of bamboo granules and jojoba and grapefruit oils. The next stage of preparation for the massage is the application of a lymphatic drainage tonic. The anti-cellulite massage procedure itself is carried out using Perfectbody oils, giving its owner smooth, toned skin.

"Modeling of the Firmingbody figure" is a step-by-step application of a highly active peeling scrub and a balancing tonic, which precedes the beginning of a deep, anti-cellulite massage based on modeling oil. The complex is completed with thermal/mud mask wraps on problem areas.  The result, in the form of smooth, silky skin, will impress!

''Anti-cellulite honey massage'' - honey as an active component penetrates deeply into the tissues and improves blood circulation, enhances metabolism and regeneration, saturates with oxygen, and cleanses the skin as an active peeling. Due to the reduction of edema, subcutaneous seals, and the cellulite zone, the elasticity of tissues increases.


Together with a full-fledged massage, the skin cells are cleansed and detoxified, become more susceptible to hydration, healing, and saturation with active substances through a wrapping procedure. The composition uses salts, phytoextracts, rice bran, pearl oyster shell, and essential oils.


The three-step procedure consists of:

1 body peeling prepares the skin for the removal of keratinized layers and better assimilation of nutrients, consisting in the mask

2 applying an active cream mask and coating the impact body zone with a film, enhancing the thermal penetration. The duration of the procedure - 30 minutes.

3 moisturizing – rubbing the cream through the techniques of classical massage

Types of wraps in the "Embassy of Beauty":

Wrap based on KELP algae - normalized the mineral balance and treats excess weight

Wrap based on FUCUS algae - the minerals contained in the composition, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, as well as iodine stimulates the thyroid gland and metabolism, which contributes to the rapid burning of calories and the elimination of toxins.

Detox wrap frees the body from toxins that accumulate due to improper nutrition, daily routine, and stress factors. Wrap improves tissue regeneration too.

Thermal wrapping is aimed at removing toxins and excess fluids, removing puffiness.

Cryotherapy improves microcirculation, strengthens blood vessels, has a lymphatic drainage effect, reduces weight and the severity of cellulite, gives a feeling of lightness.

Lifting-wrapping for breast elasticity - with it your decollete becomes a matter of pride. If you can give elasticity to the muscles through exercises, then the skin – through a cosmetic SPA procedure.

Wraps for swollen legs are an indispensable program that stimulates microcirculation and lymph outflow, increases the tone of capillaries. The method relieves tension, relaxes due to the feeling of pleasant coolness. In addition to an instant sense of relief, this is a tangible contribution to the prevention of varicose veins.

Contrast wrapping allows you to alternately activate blood circulation and lymph flow so you can resolve the problems with the excess weight and cellulite, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, open the pores, increase skin tone.