Jami Mosque, Bukhara

Jami Mosque, Bukhara

Jami Mosque, Bukhara

Jami Mosque in Bukhara is located on the territory of the ancient Ark Fortress.

The entrance to the fortress is decorated with two pillar-shaped towers. In their upper part, there is a gallery and some terraces. From the gate of the Ark, a gradually ascending path leads to the cathedral mosque of Jami.

It was built in the early eighteenth century during the reign of Emir Subkhankulikhan (1680 - 1702). It is a winter mosque with four supporting columns and an iwan resting on a platform of stone blocks. The ceiling is supported by wooden columns decorated with huge stalactite capitals and covered with floral and geometric ornaments.

The Jami Mosque was reconstructed several times to its today's look. During Emir Alimkhan's reign, the mosque underwent a major renovation (1910-1920).

The mosque has eight entrance doors and four mihrabs. Inside, there is e an extensive exposition of holy hand-written books such as "Written Records of the XII-XX centuries."

There are also several manuscripts dated XIII-XIV centuries in Farsi, for the writing of which the handwriting "Muhaqqaq" was used, and many other handwritten versions of the Koran of no less interest.

The later works are brightly decorated in blue and gold colors.