Dear Guests of Uzbekistan!

To avoid violation of Customs Legislation when entering into the country, during Customs Control in Uzbekistan at the airport or any other Border crossing check point You need to know following information below:

Points of Custom Declaration form T-6

– While crossing customs border of republic of Uzbekistan each passenger needs to fill out Custom declaration form T-6 by declaring foreign currency in cash, currency values, inventory holdings and other belongings of private use in 2 copies. Both of them must be given to customs officer for approval.

IMPORTANT: one will be kept by officer and one will be returned to you and you need to keep it until departure time. In other words, you fill 2 declarations form T-6, one you give at the beginning and second copy you keep until departing time and return to officer while departing.

– Bringing foreign currency in cash into republic of Uzbekistan as well as traveling cheque are allowed in unlimited amounts for non residents, and safe. It’s very important to declare in Customs Declaration form T-6. This data is necessary only for statistic purposes to Customs Committee of Uzbekistan.
Bringing foreign currency in cash into republic of Uzbekistan with certification of form of TC-21

– If non-resident wishes, foreign currency can be put on deposit with certificate TC-21, free of charge. First copy of TC-21 certificate with stamp is given to owner (passenger).
Detected fake foreign currency in cash, during custom inspection, not allowed entering into republic of Uzbekistan. Fake currency is stopped with drawing up of an act in set form of law.

Not declaring in Customs declaration and not presenting to custom inspector during oral inquiry of foreign currency in cash, inventory holdings and other belongings, will be understood and appear as factor of breaking Customs Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan. When such law breaking facts of Customs Law are found, they will be validated with prosecution documents according to articles of Customs Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

List of items prohibited to import into republic of Uzbekistan

Publications, manuscripts, cliché, pictures, illustrations, photos, photographic films, photo negatives, movie – video – audio products, gram records, sound materials aimed or related to undermine state and social regime, braking territorial integrity, political independency and state sovereignty, propagandizing war, terrorism, violence, national oneness and religious hatred, racism and its variety (anti-Semitism, fascism) as well as pornographic materials.

Prohibited import and export of rare and disappearing sort of animals in republic of Uzbekistan, listed in Red Book.

Import of goods, by natural person, for commercial activity, required registration of this person as an individual entrepreneur with right for import and export operations.
Limit of import of precious metals, not obliged by custom fees, and is 5 units with total weight no more then 30 grams. Import and export of precious metals and jewelry for commercial aims are carried only with license given by Ministry of external Economic Relations and Trade of republic of Uzbekistan.

Import of radio electronic facilities and high-frequency equipments carried only with approval of appropriate authority of republic of Uzbekistan. (Centre of Electromagnetic Compatibility of Communication and Information Ministry of Uzbekistan)

To import phytogenic and animal origin, special permit need from appropriate authority of republic of Uzbekistan.(Sanitary -Epidemiology Station)
Import and export of drugs and medical equipment allowed only with permission of Ministry of Health of republic of Uzbekistan.

It is banned to import medicines into Uzbekistan in commercial purpose. In this case, foreign guests are recommended to take only most important medications.

Please do not forget to get official CERTIFICATE/RECIEPT of bought souvenirs (carpets etc) in any shop or market showing that it’s not antique. Antique time life in Uzbekistan is not older than 75 years. Without this receipt (certificate) Customs Officer can stop you and confiscate these souvenirs and start Criminal Case on departure at the airports and borders of Uzbekistan.