The roads of the Silk Road, strewn with golden sand, have always been interest for travelers, both in ancient times and in modern world.

 Having learned about the preferences of tourists for 2020, the popular Lonely Planet guidebook has found out who will become favorite in near future. The Central Asian region won a gold medal on the pedestal of the most attractive destinations for tourists among the world community.

 Entrance to the Uzbekistan territory, including Tajikistan & Kazakhstan, has been greatly simplified.  The facilitation of the entry into the country of blue domes by the introduction of electronic visas, establishment of a visa-free regime for citizens of many countries of the world attract tourists, opening doors to the world of the east even wider. Thanks to investments, the development of infrastructure and transport is booming.

 Soon the streets of Uzbekistan cities will be filled with curious gaze of tourists, flashes of cameras and sounds of admiration for the seen silent domes & mosques, famous bazaars, minarets and the colorfulness of local peoples. Welcome in Uzbekistan - a priceless monument of world heritage!