If the great vizier Nodir Devon Begi got into modern Bukhara, he would satisfactorily nod, having come to medrese named after him, which is located in Lyab-i Hauz.  Because he has been constructing not medrese, but caravan sarai, which was more consistent with noisy market square, which once Lyab-i Hauz was.

If you look at the planning and cells attentively, it becomes clear that his erection is more appropriate for the inn, rather than for school. When enterprising Nodir Devon Begi, has constructed his caravan sarai, then, naturally, for its opening, Imamkulikhan, the governor of Bukhara came.

The governor, of course, knew the designation of the establishment, but made diplomatic check and mate to the nobleman, having complimented the erection and congratulated with wonderful medrese. And nobleman, having sighed, re-built the caravan sarai into medrese, there was no other way. And fairy birds flapped on the portal, carrying away the profit from the pocket of Nodir Devon Begi … But then the vizier earned fame of philanthropist and protector of Islam, which, you must admit, after all, is not so little. And medrese, in any case, fulfills the function of caravan sarai, meeting point of travelers from different countries, everything, as it was designed.

Lyab-i Haus is tourist centre; most of the hotels are concentrated around it, and large and small ones. And in medrese of Nodir Devon Begi, national shows in the open air take place. At eight in the evening, all people are invited to take places at the tables and ayvans, which are located in courtyard of medrese. The evening begins with national music, to which plov and treats are served. Surely, there will be stories about national instruments – doira, chang, soz and many others. Then, guests will see national dances of different regions of multinational Uzbekistan. Khorezm and Fergana, and Bukhara and Samarkand are here.

During breaks in concert, Uzbek designers will demonstrate their ideas; it is a mix of modern solutions and national variety. It is very interesting!

In cells (khudjra) small shops of masters are located. “Medrese with birds” as it is called by tourists, the favorite place for evening leisure time. Coolness of Lyab-i Hauz attracts a vast number of guests in evenings.

It is crowded and noisy here, colored with fires, music coming from everywhere. It is Bukhara character, never ceasing, and living to music and dances.

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